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let me steal this moment from you now.


jetzt mal unter uns,

stehst du da wirklich drauf?

...gefällt dir das wirklich?

7.2.08 22:59

everything was a bet in love's game.

...this applies equally to you and I.

7.2.08 23:01

we talk like lions but we sacrifice like lambs.

du bist so ein dummer feiger wicht
7.2.08 23:02

now here I come to dance around the sun.


astair, you're there and I'm still here. I swear I'm so confused.

and if you're leaving, well, give me a reason why I let you down.

before you turn around. now. now. before you turn around. around.
7.2.08 23:02

& two strangers turning into dust.


 hey hey
and it's no surprise
little girls hurt sometimes
hey little girl
where will you hide
who can you run to now?
hey little girl
where will you go
who can you turn to now?
hey hey
when everything goes wrong
sometimes it makes no sense
hey hey
hey little girl


7.2.08 23:03

denk an mich.


well I had a dream, I stood beneath an orange sky.

7.2.08 23:04

If only time could slow down, maybe I could come up.


Oh whiskey and wine
You've messed up my mind
Whiskey and wine
You've got me this time

8.2.08 00:17

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