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why do you waste my time?

I said my heart,
    it don’t beat,
it don’t beat the way it used to
& my eyes don’t wanna see you no more.

And my lips, they don’t kiss,
    they don’t kiss the way they used to,
& my eyes
don’t recognize you no more.


27.10.07 17:16

verleumden ist morden.

was wir nicht schaffen,

müssen wir loslassen,

sonst schafft es uns.

27.10.07 17:17

you're so hypnotic on my heart.

Die L i e b e ist das charmanteste Unglück,

                       das uns wiederfahren kann.

27.10.07 17:18

let's empty our minds.

we came as one and left as two.

... & his pride is proud 'cause sadness won.


27.10.07 17:19

this is my renaissance.

Can we bring yesterday back around?

    'cause I know how I feel about you now.

I was dumb. I was wrong. I let you down.
but I know
how I feel about you now.


27.10.07 17:20

testosterone boys & harlequin girls

& here's a question that's been tested:

Tell me, if we sleep together,
would it make it any better?
If we
sleep together,
would you be my friend forever?

28.10.07 19:17


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