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you may never know if you lay low.


I'd really like to tell you...
Oh my sunshiiiine
even though your skies are blue...

How can I get any rest now?
sha la la la la la la la.

21.2.08 18:45

freed from desire. mind and senses purified.

when you wish it, wish it now.
if you wish it, wish it loud.
if you want it, say it now.
if you want it, say it loud.

18.2.08 19:14

jealousy turning saints into the sea.



love can be so boring.

18.2.08 19:13

wo bist du?

but it's not so bad,
you're only the best I ever had.

18.2.08 19:12

I won't let him put you down.



you don't always

have to hold

your head higher than your heart.

18.2.08 19:12

each breath that you take has a thunderous sound.

it started out with a kiss.
how did it end up like
it was only a was only a kiss...


10.2.08 14:23

If only time could slow down, maybe I could come up.


Oh whiskey and wine
You've messed up my mind
Whiskey and wine
You've got me this time

8.2.08 00:17

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